About Human Works

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Human Works empowers the game-changers of tomorrow. We help leaders to grow in designing conscious business and make themselves future proof with innovation & technology trends, philosophy and exponential business models, provided by selected network of international thought leaders & futurists. We are working side by side with brands and organisations we believe will inspire customers and citizens to take action on designing a better world.

Human Works is on a mission and creates learning & design programs for leaders to elevate humanity by designing a conscious business, a business with a purpose with profit, a business caring for humanity and our planet, contributing to create a better life for the diverse communities in our society, a business listening to the values of leaders, employees, clients and children instead of focusing only on old industrial paradigms.


At Human Works, we believe technology doesn’t change the world, it’s the dreams behind the technology that are changing the world.

Rudy de Waele assists global brands and startups with cutting edge open innovation strategy using new methodologies to re-invent and transform business.

His unparalleled experience, knowledge and insight, propels leaders to stay ahead of the curve. Rudy specialises in giving technology trend forecasts, analysis and ideas exchange on how to thrive in the new economy and how to design a meaningful business and life.

Rudy is a graduate from Singularity University, an associate of The Futures Agency, a member of the IoT council – a global think tank for the Internet of Things, and Strategic Advisor and Ambassador to Smart Cities World.

Canay Atalay is an innovation strategist, working with business leaders to unlock purposeful innovation by designing new narratives, exponential business models and customer experiences for their organizations, using a unique blend of design thinking, philosophy, business model design and cultural transformation.

She is a keynote speaker about ‘purposeful innovation’, ‘future of learning’ and ‘conscious leadership’. She is the co-founder of Human Works Design, Patica, and a global ambassador of Socratic Design.

She has worked with over 60 brands from 18 industries, in 8 countries, and named as one of the “Nine inspiring women who create change in learning”, “Top thirty women who inspire digital” in Turkey.

Her passion project is ‘Children First World Design’, providing a visionary and practical guideline about ‘how to redesign businesses, cities and systems for the wellbeing of humans of today and tomorrow’.

Our client references include BMW, Coca-Cola, Google, IBM, Intel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Louis Vuitton, Mastercard, Microsoft, Orange, PayPal, Russian Railways, Samsung, Telefonica, Vodafone and World Bank.