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Hello! We are human works design (HWD).


We are living in times when with the power of technology, transparency and connectedness; we can do anything we want, from designing our genes to traveling to space. Our mission is to increase capacities of game changers of tomorrow to build meaningful futures.


As HWD, we help leaders to make their businesses “CONSCIOUS” and “FUTURE PROOF” by our content, learning and design programs (FAIR Program: Fast, Actionable, Impactful and Responsible).


Our ‘Human Innovation Services’ 


We believe two most impactful paths towards meaningful futures are: doing ‘conscious business’ and ‘raising conscious future generations’.


In summary, We CAN design meaningful futures via ‘Human Innovation’:


1- Conscious business’ awareness and skills acquired by conscious leaders, guided by communities. (Leadership & Employee services)


‘Leadership & Employee Services: Talks, Workshops and Learning Programs, Curation Services (Newsletters, Future Reports, Webinars), Thought Leadership, Socratic Design (Socratic Dialogue Training, Socratic Design Workshop).


2- Enabling children to learn new skills to live consciously and to live good lives. Besides learning, this goal includes re-designing every system with prioritising well-being of children (Children First World Design)


‘Children First World Design’ Services: Wapaland workshops and learning programs, Tailor Made ‘Children First’ Design projects.


Rudy de Waele on The Future of Railways at Russian Railways, Moscow (August 2017)


1. Leadership & Employee Services


Talks: We are futurist humanists, and experienced keynote speakers. We tackle technology, business and society trends by putting humans first. We like inspiring people by showing what is possible while deep diving into industry/ content specific scenarios. (See our list of topics below)


Workshops & Learning Programs: We facilitate workshops and learning programs for new future narratives, products, services and business models using one (or a blend) of the following;


  • Conscious Business Model Design
  • Exponential Technologies
  • Design Thinking
  • Socratic Design (Details below)

We create fast learning and engagement with tangible outcomes according to the needs of the organisations.


Curation Services: (Available in English and for video/webinars with subtitles)

We curate customised content according your needs, analysing trends in different sectors, publish content online and in magazines as well as for company employees. We create customised content on specific topics such as exponential technologies, conscious business, innovation, value design, design thinking, business model, children first world design and cultural transformation.


Newsletters (Read and sign-up to our bi-weekly newsletter here.)


Future Reports




Thought Leadership:

Every organisation needs a futurist and every conscious leader needs to be a futurist. We design customised talks and programs for leaders to become future proof with innovation & technology trends and exponential business models, provided by a selected network of international futurists, thought leaders, designers & philosophers.


Socratic Design:

  • Socratic Dialogue: Because of the crucial relevance of good communication („comunicare” in Greek, means making community) it is important to train people to facilitate socratic dialogues. With this Socratic capacity they can, facilitate knowledge creation, moderate important meetings, moderate brain storm sessions, solve conflicts, create a climate of empathy and eliminate ego boosts and above all organises a perfect interaction with clients and partners. Click here for further details.
  • Socratic Design Workshop: In these volatile times every company needs cultural transformation based on purpose, values and mission. These are rooted in the company´s DNA and capable of motivating and energising all employees and leaders. We gather different layers and silos of the company and unite them in collective questions. In this workshop we use value creation, good practices investigation, appreciative inquiry, Socratic dialogues and futures scenario design. We cross hierarchical barriers in order to create the deepest goal of the company and its often hidden competences. Because we do a deep dive, we can come with complete new concepts and challenges that can vitalise the company and create new knowledge out of the tacit knowledge of the company. A concrete road map of how to realise this mission is part of the end product. Click here for further details.

Want more? For our further design, digital & cultural transformation and assessment services, please visit our website.


Canay Atalay facilitating a Children First World Design workshop at Kinnernet Venice (August 2017)


2. ‘Children First World Design’ Services



A program designed for children (of employees and individuals) to learn to become the game-changers of tomorrow, where they can design their own future with their own values, and by creating deep human connections through music, art, dance, philosophy and other disciplines. Based on the principles that all starts from within a healthy body, an open mind, and a good heart. In Wapaland, children acquire the tools, skill sets and capabilities to become an outstanding game-changer of tomorrow, learning about healthy food, preserving our planet, connecting and respecting other cultures. Meanwhile, parents and caregivers learn about conscious parenting and how to hold space for children. Click here for further details.


Your ‘Children First’ Design

As human works design, we work with corporate, public and start up leaders to design their products, services, processes, communication strategies, learning programs, business models and roadmaps with a ‘Children First’ approach. We involve children to co-design together with project teams, from research, design to prototype and iteration processes giving them the voice to decide on their own (product, city, school, service) designs. Please contact us to design your tailor made ‘Children First’ approach. Click here for further details.


Canay Atalay & Rudy de Waele at Wapaland workshop at Joint Idea, Istanbul (September 2017)


Who are we?


human works design co-founders:


Canay Atalay (Innovation Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Socratic Design Ambassador, Humanist for ‘Children First World Design’)


Rudy de Waele (Futurist, Innovation Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Content Curator and Author)


Our network includes some of the most distinguished international experts in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous transport, banking and finance, blockchain,technology and humanism, education, health, retail, philosophy, genomics, sharing economy, strategy and organisational transformation


What do we cover?


Our each speaking engagement, workshop and service is unique as we design them according to the needs of our client partners together with them. But generally here are the topics we cover;


Our Key Topics: Conscious Leadership, Meaningful Innovation Design, Exponential Technologies, Digital / Cultural Transformation, Conscious Business Model Design, Human Innovation, Future of Learning, Living Brand, Children First World Design, Socratic Design (Philosophy and Ethics) and Design Thinking.


Defining Technologies & Impact Areas: 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented-, Virtual- and Mixed Reality, Autonomous Transport, Genomics and Biotechnology (genetics & synthetic biology), Digital Assistants (chatbots), Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Education Technologies, Energy, Utilities and Environment, Human-Machine Relationships, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Pharma, Health and Medical, Platforms, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Singularity and Transhumanism, Technology and Humanity, The Internet of Things (IoT), Voice-controlled Interfaces, Jobs and Employment (Future of Work).


Some of Our Client References


BMW, Coca-Cola, Etisalat, European Commission, Google, IBM, Intel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Louis Vuitton, Mastercard, Microsoft, MTV, Nike, Orange, PayPal, P&G, Royal Bank of Canada, Russian Railways, Samsung, Telefonica, Turkish Automotive Industry Association, Turkish Banking Association, Turkish Exporters Assembly, Unilever, United Nations, Vodafone, UniCredit, University of Cambridge and World Bank.


Please get in touch if you want to learn more about our human innovation services.