FAIR Program

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‘What is human works design FAIR program?’ 




F: Fast. Your time is the most scarce resource you have, and it is precious. The number of content being generated and you need to learn with your employees is growing exponentially. As HWD, we curate technological, business and societal futurist approaches that are relevant to your business and we share only meaningful content, in easy to digest formats that you can focus on what really matters to you; health of your business, your personal and family lives.


Services: Talks, Curation Services and Though Leadership Programs.


A: Actionable. We don’t believe lip service is enough, being aware of what’s changing won’t make your leadership nor business sustainable. We believe in the power of action. With our “Conscious Business Model Design”, learning programs, best practices and methods guided by our network of thought leaders, we will make you design meaningful futures and act towards them.


Services: Workshops and Learning Programs, Digital & Cultural Transformation


I: Impactful. Measurement is the only way you can create a common language for your organization to stay focused and motivated as one. Consciousness requires an awareness of self from both inside and outside. As HWD, we help you measure the impact of FAIR programs on business, society and environment level, with your leadership, employees, customers and business partners. We test, analyse and iterate FAIR program specifically for you, according to your pace and results.


Services: Assessment Services


R: Responsible. We are living in the world of transparency and speed. In order to survive and thrive you need to gain & keep the trust of your clients, talents and business partners. Thats why you have to take responsibility of not only the results you create but also the processes of how you make your products/services and how you communicate. As HWD, we will help you learn about global and your stakeholders’ values, we will show you methods of how you can decide, act and communicate more consciously based on these values.


Services: Curation Services, Workshops, Learning Programs and Children First World Design Services.