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Canay Atalay at Marketing Summit Istanbul header (slide image by Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

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Canay Atalay at Turkish Banking Association (Learning Executives Summit, September 2017)

Canay Atalay is a global ‘business and cultural innovation designer’ and a keynote speaker working with leaders of organizations to transform their teams, business models, communication strategies, experiences, products and services to become future proof conscious businesses and leaders. She uses a unique blend of futurism, conscious business model design, design thinking, philosophy, communication and learning methodologies.


She is the co-founder of human works design and a global ambassador of Socratic Design. Her previous work includes being the country lead of Fjord, Design and Innovation by Accenture Interactive and ‘Entrepreneurship and Business Model Design.’ lecturer in Bilgi University MBA Program.


She has worked with over 60 brands from 18 industries, in 8 countries, and named as one of the “Nine inspiring women who changed learning”, “Top thirty women who inspire digital” in Turkey.


Her passion project is Children First World Design, a visionary and actionable guideline about ‘how to redesign businesses, schools, cities and systems for the sustainable wellbeing of humans’, by giving a voice to children of this world. She is writing to several magazines including Digital Age and Harvard Business Review in Turkey.


Some of her previous clients include Turkish Airlines, Microsoft, Unilever, P&G, Google, Nike, Turkcell, Etisalat, Vodafone, Turk Telekom, Garanti Bank/ BBVA, Is Bankasi, Yapi Kredi/ UniCredit, Akbank, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Dogus Media, MTV, Hepsiburada, Ulker, Coca Cola, United Nations and Mastercard.


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Client testimonials


“For the innovative and unique sharing we thank Canay Atalay for her innovative and unique presentation. We are proud to host #ChildrenFirst world design approach on stage for the first time and we are willing to support this virtuous thinking of Canay Atalay with our future organisations.” – Utku Işık, Kur Akademi Director of Marketing. Oct, 2017.


“As an Event Organiser and Marketing Innovation professional, it was a great honour to listen to Canay’s spectacular speech at Marketing Meetup. She took us to the future by giving today’s trends and innovations. Probably, it was the most inspiring 20 minutes I have ever witnessed on stage.” – Necip Murat, Founder of Marketing Meetup and Pazarlamasyon.

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