Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation

Canay Atalay at Business Analysis Conference, Istanbul, December 2017

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Defining, innovating and evolving a company’s business models are the heart of leaders’ strategy work. Understanding the mechanics behind new business models with exponential technologies is one of the most important new skills that all innovative leaders must develop. It’s not only about deciding on business model(s) anymore, you need to keep on innovating to be relevant of today’s world.


Read below about our Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation and contact us to book a workshop or learning program.


What is a Conscious Business Model Design?


A business model defines how value gets created and delivered in a company. It is an organised way of laying out assumptions about key resources, partners and activities of your value chain. These include your value proposition, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structures and revenue streams.


human works design Conscious Business Canvas



A conscious business model looks at the same key areas as a traditional business model—but it has radically different approach and goals, so it’s a more comprehensive and relevant way to design the future of your businesses, with consciousness, starting from today. We ideate, describe, evaluate and dialogue about a business model using the Conscious Business Model Canvas towards the purpose of the organisation based on the human values of employees/teams and wellbeing of our stakeholder ecosystems (employees, clients, business partners and communities), with new (non-industrial era) metrics and exponential partnership scenarios. Hands-on understanding of ‘how-to user personas’ and problem scenarios with exponential technologies, to articulate the value offer’s key drivers.


Innovate your business model, with consciousness.


What to expect?


– Increase your and your team’s strategic design, innovation and planning capacities with concrete conscious business model prototypes and new (non industrial era) measurement methodologies.


– Learn about exponential technologies and new economies with latest best cases from the world, and translate them into your own business models and action plans.


– Design new Value Propositions with a deep dive into your customer personas and segments, for compelling products and services customers want to buy and use.


– Understand and reimagine how your business can act as a change agent and how to re-evaluate Key Activities, Resources, and Partnerships in this context.


– Discover areas for improvement in your leadership and organisational culture to make your conscious business model work in your organisation.



human works design Conscious Business Workshop at the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon during Web Summit 2017


Who should join?


This course is in English, English literacy is required.


  • Leaders and employees of organisations who are responsible, decision maker or influential in organisation’s strategy, innovation and technology roadmaps, strategic partnerships and business models.
  • Department executives especially in human resources, corporate social responsibility, communication and learning departments.
  • Entrepreneurs / people who want to become entrepreneurs.
  • Consultants, experts & educators who work in strategy, business design and relevant areas.
  • Service designers who want to extend their knowledge.
  • Employees, volunteers of impact organisations.


Anyone who want to become a game changer of tomorrow, to design meaningful futures.



Our Methodologies


Business Model Design, Futurism, Design Thinking and Philosophy.



Who are we? 


Canay Atalay


Innovation and Business Model Designer, Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Socratic Design Ambassador





Rudy de Waele


Conscious Business & Life Design Strategist, Futurist, Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Innovation Strategist, Content Curator and Author.






What did they say about our 2 hours Conscious Business Model Design workshop in the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon?


Conscious Business Model is a combination of four key elements that every business shall think of: values – technologies / present-future – global movement – children. It is a great program to think further and combine different stakeholders in order to think differently and start the change.’ – Dijana Galijasevic, Positive Business Lab.


It was great to realise how a powerful corporation could positively impact a child’s life. With Conscious Business Model, we recognise that the tools are there, they only need to be used for more positive purposes.’ Rochelec Melo, Strategic designer & Business thinker.


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