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human works design @ House of Beautiful Business Lisbon

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Human Works Design HoBB Lisbon, 2017: Conscious Business Workshop


On the 3rd of November in Lisbon, as Human Works Design (HWD) we hosted the 1st edition of our intense 2 hours workshop, with 60 participants from +10 countries, for House of Beautiful Business guests of executives and entrepreneurs who want to get to the next level in designing conscious business strategies and conscious business models.


Rudy de Waele introduced the workshop with technology, society and business predictions for the upcoming 10 years, about the opportunity areas for both business and meaningful futures designs. As HWD team we have developed ‘Conscious Business Model’, based on 4 main pillars;


  1. Human Values: Starting with individual values, we ended up designing the 5 most important human values that shape the decisions of the group as one. We started working on our conscious business model design canvases with these values, as the anchor of every design and decision we make as groups.
  2. Exponential Technologies: We identified top 10 technology that will shape our lives and businesses. Participants are asked to chose and adopt at least one of these technologies as their key resource and reflect their solutions in a world where those technologies changed the society and how we do business.
  3. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: We positioned each company as the change agent for a better world, participants chose among 17 goals and worked to contribute to the achievement of these goals along with other variable cards on their canvases.
  4. Children First’ approach, with children personas: We had 5 personas to chose from, ages ranging from 5-12, with different backgrounds and aspirations. The participants are asked to see the world through their eyes and design conscious businesses for the upcoming 3,5 and 10 years according to the development stage of these children personas and reflect it into segment(s) of target audience and key stakeholders, as clients, employees (or freelancers), investors and community members.



In the workshop, facilitated by senior business model designer and innovation strategist Canay Atalay, participants used this learning and design opportunity by applying conscious business model design for one of the world’s most valuable 25 brands according to their group’s choice.


Our goal was accomplished. Participants experienced only in 2 hours how to;


  • ideate, describe, evaluate and discuss a business model using the Conscious Business Model Canvas based on human values, for sustainable development goals and wellbeing of children.
  • Hands-on understanding of how to user personas and problem scenarios with exponential technologies, to articulate the Offer’s key drivers
  • Understanding of reimagining how business can act as change agents and how to re-evaluate Key Activities, Resources, and Partnerships in this context



We want to thank all participants for the dedication, resilience they showed in creating beautiful designs for meaningful futures only in 2 hours. Although our focus was not the outcomes but the process due to time limitation, we were positively surprised by the final stories of the teams. We will be sharing the final stories and videos here in the upcoming days.


The workshop was exclusive to HoBB participants only as a sample of ‘Conscious Business’ workshop, to assure a unique and human centric experience. Please get in touch if you want to learn and implement ‘Conscious Business Model Design’ workshop for your business, project or learning program.


Images by Joao Nogueira.