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Canay Atalay at Turkish Banking Association (Learning Executives Summit, September 2017)

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Our inspiration & empowerment services include:


1-Talks, Curation & Workshops:

Talks. We are futurist humanists, and experienced keynote speakers. We tackle technology, business and society trends by putting humans first. We like inspiring people by showing what is possible while deep diving into industry/ content specific scenarios.


Curation. We curate customised content according your needs, analysing trends in different sectors. We create customised newsletters, reports and online videos or webinars on specific topics.


Rudy de Waele on The Future of Railways at Russian Railways, Moscow (August 2017)


Workshops. We facilitate design thinking and value design workshops for new future narratives, product, service and business model design, creating immediate learning and engagement with tangible outcomes according to the needs of the organizations.


Canay Atalay facilitating a Children First World Design workshop at Kinnernet Venice (August 2017)


2-Design & Cultural Transformation:


Thought Leadership & Futurism. Every organisation needs a futurist and every conscious leader needs to be a futurist. If you do not get a clear picture of the technologies that may influence your business, you may be missing opportunities how to position your company in the near future or be challenged by such changes. We design customised programs for leaders to become future proof with innovation & technology trends and exponential business models, provided by a selected network of international thought leaders, designers & futurists. 


Rudy de Waele lecturing at Microsoft, Dublin (June 2017)


Design Services. Everything begins with clarifying the reason you exist, your purpose. We help create purposes with substance- those that deliver on something that matters to individuals, society or the world. We help leaders to put purpose in experiences and actions, both internally and externally. Our design deliverables include living brand platforms, exponential business models, innovations roadmaps, communications, brand experience guidelines and high level service experience concepts and prototypes both on digital and physical.


Business Model Design workshop with Canay Atalay at Bilgi University (June 2017)


Engagement & Communication Programmes. We create engagement programmes to involve employees in new and better ways of doing things. We deep dive into existing narratives, assumptions, and replace unwanted beliefs with new ones via set of tools from Socratic Dialogues to design thinking workshops. We then develop strategies and creative approaches to new rituals and communications in new ways of doing. We encourage and raise role models as an example of how to be and do in sync with new narratives. It’s not about telling, it’s about involving people in the transformation and solution, finally setting the pace with role models.


Assessments. We conduct an in depth, yet quick, assessment to learn where organization is on design and cultural transformation processes. We design roadmaps, KPI’s and iteration processes together with our clients.


3-Community Learning:


Audience is not just audience anymore, & more even than a participator — the ones that are experiencing the virtual world ultimately are the creators of their own experience. That’s why it’s essential for individuals to accept responsibility for their choices and outcomes. We all are in charge of picking the right life for us, making our impact positively and contributing to a better world, at each statement, purchase, post, action and decision.


Entrepreneurship MBA at Bilgi University Istanbul (May 2017)


We are learning experts. Our community learning services include: bi-weekly newsletters, webinars and events



Canay Atalay & Rudy de Waele at Wapaland workshop at Joint Idea, Istanbul (September 2017)


Our client references include BMW, BBVA (Garanti Bank), Coca-Cola, Etisalat, European Commission, Google, IBM, Intel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Is Bankasi, Louis Vuitton, Mastercard, Microsoft, MTV, Nike, Orange, PayPal, P&G, Russian Railways, Samsung, Telefonica, Turk Telekom, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Banking Association, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ulker, Unilever, United Nations, Vodafone, UniCredit, University of Cambridge and World Bank.


If you’d like to get in touch with us for one of our services, please get in touch.