human works design at The House of Beautiful Business Lisbon

Studio of Beautiful Business / Rua Ivens 51 / Lisbon

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human works design is pleased to participate again at The House of Beautiful Business, taking place in Lisbon before and during Web Summit. The House of Beautiful Business is a pop-up community for meaningful conversations about technology and humanity. During the week-long event, the House will serve as salon, stage, and sandbox for people who are keen on rehumanising business in a playful and intimate setting.


Canay Atalay and Rudy de Waele are offering a workshop on Saturday, November 4 (15:30 – 17:30) on how to elevate humanity by designing a conscious business.


To thrive in the future, leaders need to master the critical skills of a futurist, an innovator, a technologist and a humanist, all part of an interconnected holistic system of learning to imagine, create, capture and scale hidden value in an increasingly complex and dynamic world, to create strategic advantage for themselves and their organisations, as well as to build an inclusive, equitable, positive and abundant future we all want to live in.


Today and in the near future, any business leader face ethical challenges beyond hitting just quarterly growth and profit targets. Technology & global issues are challenging all of us to the core. Figuring out your own and your company’s purpose, anchoring your practices on global human values for the sustainability of your business and impact of your leadership role becomes more crucial than ever.



This is a 2 hours workshop first to rumble with sizzling technology and societal trends, and then hands on definition and designing your own human values and ethical codes into your life and your business, using a blend of Socratic Design and design thinking methodologies together with other participants, beautiful hearts and minds in the House of Beautiful Business.


Join us if you already or want to call yourself a ‘game changer’ and want to live a more conscious life and run a conscious business. No preparation needed, just come with curiosity and openness; we will enjoy, learn, share and expand together.


About human works design

human works design empowers the game changers of tomorrow. We help leaders to grow in designing conscious business and make themselves future proof with innovation & technology trends, philosophy and exponential business models, provided by a selected network of international thought leaders, designers & futurists.


human works design unlocks the change maker within every business leader or entrepreneur and offer international experience, various transformation methods and technological tools to bring the conscious change needed to bring meaningful, innovative, value-driven, sustainable businesses and projects to life. We are working side by side with business leaders, entrepreneurs as well as children to take action on designing a better world.