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Wapaland is a place where children learn to become the game-changers of tomorrow, where they can design their own future focusing on their own values, and by creating deep human connections through music, art, dance, philosophy and other disciplines. Based on the principles that all starts from within a healthy body, an open mind, and a good heart. A place where they can learn the tools, skill sets and capabilities to become an outstanding game-changer of tomorrow, learning about healthy food, preserving our planet, and connecting as human-beings, equally, respecting other cultures. Wapaland is a human works design project inline with our Children First World Design.


Music. Art. Dance.


We start a Wapaland workshop with a musical expression to learn about different musical cultures through the learning of ancient tribal songs and experiencing the joy of singing harmonic music together or by playing rhythms together.


Dimitrios from  The Music Medicine facilitating a Wapaland workshop at Joint Idea, Istanbul (September 2017)

Healthy food.


During the breaks children learn about eating and making healthy food like vegan pancakes and protein balls and can taste the deliciousness of healthy snacks and fruit smoothies.


Philosophy. Critical thinking. Value design.


We close the workshops with a value exercise session, where children learn to think about the values they want to live by and learn to reflect upon their future, individually and in community.


Wapaland Value Exercise with Canay Atalay

Positive parenting. Family value design.


Simultaneously, we organise positive parenting or family values design workshops for parents with facilitating experts in this field. The workshop focuses on our individual values, and the values we would like to have with our children. It provides tips and practical information on becoming “we”, by accepting and celebrating our differences. This part is very appreciated by the parents and an essential part of every workshop.


Join us!


We are currently prototyping our workshops with experts in Istanbul and are planning workshops in different locations across Europe. Anyone interested to learn more, organise a Wapaland workshop, or wants to contribute with coding our platform, please get in touch.


Children reflecting on, and presenting their values at Wapaland workshop, Joint Idea (September 2017)